I am an award-winning teacher with awards and nominations in teaching from Carleton University in 2014 and 2015 and have consistently ranked at the highest levels of excellence on student evaluations at Carleton University and the University of Windsor since 2016. My feminist research and training have informed my approach to teaching women’s, gender, and sexuality studies in specific ways: I enjoy connecting broader cultural and political phenomena with more nuanced registers of gender, race, sexuality, and disability; and I provide students with the opportunity to learn about, unlearn, and undermine the everyday power structures that naturalize unjust systems and violent hierarchies through collective acknowledgement, critical understanding, and active resistance.

I am strongly committed to community-engagement and the development of public humanities through experiential learning and service experience in a blended environment of in-person/online and community-based learning. I integrate student research in my course “Queer Activism” at the University of Windsor and Carleton University with the national initiatives of the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) in Ottawa, Ontario. I also create community-centred initiatives and projects that directly benefit Windsor, Ontario’s queer communities, including Trans Wellness Ontario. Additionally, I have worked extensively with students in “Women in Protest” and “Queer Activism” on projects addressing anti-Black racism and violence against Indigenous persons by municipal police forces in Ontario. Other efforts have included decolonizing archives, decentering ableism in educational resources, and addressing the on-going resistance women face around their reproductive decisions. In sum, I provide students with opportunities to engage in high-impact practices that emphasize experiential learning and require them to apply their education to the community and workplace.

University of Windsor

Speaking Truth to Power. Social Justice Studies/Drama/Communications, Media, and Film.

Women in Protest. Women’s and Gender Studies.

Love, Honour, and Obey: Marriage and Gender. Women’s and Gender Studies/History.

Queer Activism. Women’s and Gender Studies/Social Justice Studies.

History of Women’s Movements in North America. Women’s and Gender Studies/History.

Carleton University

Sociology of Sex and Sexuality. Department of Sociology.

Women in Canada. Department of History.

Sex, Gender, and Knowing. Department of Sociology.

Historical Theory. Department of History.

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